Welcome to the realm of Elderbrook : Louisa John-Krol
  Welcome to the realm of    
  Beneath the river Elderbrook, rebellious elves challenge the tyranny of King Tobiar Snork. Their victory seems perfect - until they fall into the thrall of an enchantress: Escalder The Green Lady.

Court harpist Kloh and an astrologer (Anstarberous the Wandering Eye) conspire to restore a civilization under siege. Yet Kloh struggles with a disturbing fascination for Escalder.

Meanwhile, three moss farmers - Navington the gnome, Teucer the elf and Varn the goblin - tumble into adventures, thanks to their human visitors, Bree and Jack Green, who enter Elderbrook through a haunted forest. Much depends upon their fulfilment of Four Quests, such as opening the Door of Ten Thousand Locks.

None can resist the Old Magic that is on the move: like talking toadstools, singing fountains, dreaming cats, dancing dryads, Rig's Roar and Evander the Unicorn.


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Reading - 'The Fountains of Alderbee'
- in which Teucer the elf and Navington the
gnome meet the beguiling enchantress,
Escalder the Green Lady.                    Credits>>>

Song - 'The Fountains of Alderbee'      Credits>>>

Video - 'The Green Lady'
- View Louisa's self-directed debut music video for her new single "The Green Lady" from Elderbrook.                                      Credits>>>

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The double-CD eco-friendly digipak contains an illustrated booklet with lyrics, notes and more about Elderbrook!
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record label: www.prikosnovenie.com
bandcamp: louisajohn-krol.bandcamp.com
Violin Velvet & other Elderbrook previews + selection of other music by LJK

All Elderbrook, inc. music, characters & Escalder the Green Lady pic: © Louisa John-Krol,
 with exception of Evander the Unicorn illustration by Rachael Hammond & Thelderbrin the Dryad by Nicholas Goss.
Designed by: Kimberley Brown Graphic Design